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Building gardens for homes, schools, and businesses

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The easiest way to enjoy this virtual tour of the farm is to click on the bottom left icon within the viewing window called View Dollhouse. Then, look for a Marker you'd like to explore and click on that. Once you enter the view, click and hold your mouse down to explore a 360-degree view of that particular space. When you're ready to look at a different area of the farm, click the View Dollhouse button again. Now, click on a different Marker to explore a different area of our urban oasis.

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Our staff has big dreams for this community.

How would each of them improve our region with a million dollars?

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Fayth Ross - Executive Director

Fayth Ross - Executive Director

"I’d invest it in this team – they have worked tirelessly through the pandemic. They are the right team for where we need to go. The real thing I want to see is Urban Roots’ ability to impact more people – learners of all ages; and I’d need more staff who feel safe and secure to do that. So, if I had a million dollars, I’d bring my staff full-time, pay competitive salaries, and offer benefits including health insurance so we can continue to serve this community in the best possible way!"

Jenny Angius - Development and Communications Director

Jenny Angius - Development and Communications Director

“I would love to see the farm hosting more families, groups, teams students… we have a beautiful resource, and I just want to work with more people in the community so they know they can use the teaching farm in wonderful, collaborative ways! I see unique seed-to-table workshops, family-focused cooking classes, and maybe even a music festival or celebration!”

Sydney Callahan - Education Director

Sydney Callahan - Education Director

“It’d be amazing to offer day camp or home school programming for anyone who needs financial assistance. We all could benefit from learning these things, and I’d love to make participation more equitable in our community.”

Deborah Hug - Farm Manager

Deborah Hug - Farm Manager

“I can’t help but see even more potential in our farm… I’d plant more fruit trees and plants to shade and feed, and the farm could be used for the whole community in a full farm-to-table way. Can you imagine monthly farm nights with dancing and local food and local drinks? I can! It can totally come to fruition…”

Kelsey Hoffman - Garden Classrooms Coordinator

Kelsey Hoffman - Garden Classrooms Coordinator

“You’ve heard of van life… I’d love to a mobile team lean into that van life, driving around the area with the sole job of building gardens, running workshops, helping our partners grow gardens and offerings. They’d have a sweet landscaping van complete with refrigeration, mobile kitchen and they’d reach out to folks and make high desert gardening awesome and more prominent in the area. Also, can we make all field trips to the teaching farm for Title 1 schools 100% free? That would be amazing!”

Elsa DeJong - Volunteer Manager

Elsa DeJong - Volunteer Manager

“I’d love to be able to get our volunteers involved in garden projects all around town, not just at our farm. It’d be amazing to have satellite locations the whole community can benefit from and that our volunteers can really feel invested in.”

Catherine Leon - Grants and Fiscal Administrator

Catherine Leon - Grants and Fiscal Administrator

“It’s been amazing watching what this organization can do with the funding it gets, so if I had a wish list, I’d use some money to continue identifying even more like-minded organizations. We could really deepen our roots and plant new seeds, inviting them to the farm and encouraging them to think about how they can grow and integrate sustainable practices.”

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