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Help Us Grow


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Urban Roots is 100% reliant on the support of people like YOU in our community.

One of the most cherished assets we cultivate for the community is our Teaching Farm. With fewer bodies exploring the property in 2021, our team had a lot of space to reimagine how this resource could be improved.

Your donation will help us achieve the following outdoor learning updates:

- More shade structures
- Expanded restrooms
- Installation of a modular teaching kitchen

As you know, improvements often take an investment of time and money. Whether you are donating for the first time, making an annual contribution, or electing to sponsor a child's day camp experience through our Community Supported Education Fund, your gift will help secure the future of this inspirational place. Please consider the many ways in which you can support Urban Roots below, and from our Farm-ily to yours, thank you for supporting our work!

P.S. In case you need it,
our EIN # is 01-0944615.

2021 Community Impact

Screenshot 2021-12-06 133921.jpg

What does 2022 look like for Urban Roots?

We learned during the pandemic that gardening is critical and that we are uniquely primed with curriculum, methodologies and materials to share with learners of all ages, not just students aged 5-15. We're currently talking with senior groups, businesses looking to incorporate sustainable practices, and individuals who want to become less dependent on the typical supply chain.

To sprout these sown seeds, we're working on the following:

- A gardening consulting program called Gardening For All. In Fall of 2021, we opened up the pilot for this program, receiving 30 applications from families, schools, and nonprofits in the community. Fifty percent of these are seeking financial assistance and, through our powerful grant writing capabilities, we're on our way to soliciting these supplemental funds.

- A gardening 101 series, the Dead Plant Society. It's hard to get excited about gardening if you think you're doomed with a black thumb. The Dead Plant Society is bringing lessons that turn that misconception around so more folks can successfully enjoy the benefits of green.

Become a Contributing Member

For a small monthly donation, you can join a diverse community that cares about the health and wealth of our community. With as little as $5 a month, you can help support community gardening workshops, garden education, and outdoor activities in Reno that get kids dirty and using their imaginations!

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