Big Dill Challenge

Participate in our Giving Challenge

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering this March with our friends at:

Eclipse Pizza Company

Rules of Participation

  • Join us this month at Eclipse Pizza. Simply order your favorite pizza for lunch/dinner and make donation to Urban Roots upon check-out. The suggested donation will match the day of the month that you visit. for example: the suggested donation is $5 on March 5th, although every dollar makes a difference!

  • All individuals that donate March 1st-31st through the big Dill Challenge are entered in a raffle to win a $100 certificate from Eclipse Pizza.

Have fun! Enjoy spreading the word about how YOU are making an impact in the way kids eat and learn!

Winner of the $100  Eclipse Pizza certificate will be notified the first week of April!

Learn how every dollar

makes an impact in changing the way children eat and learn:

March 1st, $1 | Seed Packet

March 2nd, $2 | Pipe cleaners

March 3rd, $3 | Set of measuring cups

March 4th, $4 | Pipe cleaners

March 5th, $5 | Pack of paint brushes

March 6th, $6 | 3 pairs of gardening gloves

March 7th, $7 | Field trip for one student

March 8th, $8 | Playground ball

March 9th, $9 | Paint

March 10th | $10 | Dry Erase markers

March 11th, $11 | Soil Thermometer

March 12th, $12 | 3 garden trowels

March 13th, $13 | Kid-size shovel

March 14th, $14 | Bag of soil

March 15th, $15 | Set of cutting boards

March 16th, $16 | Box of kids scissors

March 17th, $17 |  1 Kids garden tools kit

March 18th, $18 | Family engagement kit

March 19th, $19 | Berry bush for teaching farm

March 20th, $20 | Kids wheel barrow

March 21st, $21 | Set of mixing bowls

March 22nd, $22 | Chicken feed

March 23rd, $23 | Set of kids aprons

March 24th, $24 | Immersion blender

March 25th, $25 | Extended day of camp for one camper

March 26th, $26 | Box of printer paper

March 28th, $28 | Box of screws

March 27th, $27 | Fruit tree for teaching farm

March 27th, $29 | Harvest scissors

March 30th, $30 | Irrigation timer

March 31st, $31 | Row covers

Growing healthy minds, bodies, & communities.

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