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Winter on the Farm

In the midst of fog, frost and occasional snow, there are still seeds sprouting at the Urban Roots Teaching Farm (not only a good metaphor, we’re ACTUALLY growing broccoli, peas, radishes and turnips right now!). 

Kelsey here, Community Programs Coordinator, and I’m writing to share what we’ve been up to as the wintry weather begins in our little slice of heaven in downtown Reno.  

Like most farms, winter at Urban Roots includes more downtime, less programming and time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in the last year. Staff are taking much needed time off; the bees are hunkered down for the winter in their hive; and, perennial plants are focused on growing their roots as the temperatures dip.  

Winter is also our most focused planning time for the new year! Even though we must wait another month until children return to the farm, we are dreaming of sunshine, laughter and imagining the best things to come for 2024.  

Here’s a glimpse of what our team has been busy cultivating. Somethings are a little fun and silly too! We can’t wait to share what we’ve come up with.... 

  • Strategic planning session at The Hive Reno to reflect on how well we are fulfilling our mission and dreaming big for this year. 

  • A soup potluck competition at a weekly staff meeting. Everyone really shone with their skills in the kitchen, but only one could win!  

  • Dreaming of sunshine and planning summer camp 2024! Themes include Kitchen Magicians and Groovy Garden Graffiti! Registration opens March 15th! More info here. 

  • Submitting grants galore to fund all our programs for this year! Did you know January and February are the top months for grant and foundation due dates? 

  • Sending out personalized end of year appeal letters for the holidays to our favorite donors, families and community partners.  

  • Making new compost piles with greens and brown matter from Down to Earth Composting. 

  • Planting cool weather crops in our 3 hoophouses and keeping them warm on cold nights with frost cloth.  

  • Organizing the giant messes made during programs when our full attention is on wrangling children.  

  • Cooking weekly with residents at Northern Nevada HOPES Springs. This winter we’ve made tamales, gumbo, veggie lasagna and eggplant parmesan.  

  • Keeping our chicken flock cozy with homemade oatmeal on chilly mornings. 

  • Designing gardens for our 2024 Gardening for All participants! We’re measuring out soil, lumber and seedlings needed to grow BIG this year.  

  • Enjoying the thermostat set at 70 in our new building. We call her “Big Red”.  

Wishing you all a special New Year!  

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So cool to see all the planning that goes into making Urban Roots so great!! Kudos to you all!


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