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Our Programs


About Our Programs

We offer a wide array of educational programming from camps, to farm school, and garden education for the community! Check out our programs below!

Farm Camp
Farm School
Garden Classrooms
Field Trips

Farm Camp

"You can never plant enough garlic."

A week-long day camp, offered during summer, fall, and spring breaks.

Farm School

"Thank you for letting us plant our own plant.

I loved learning about how to plant seeds."

Our Farm School program is a once-a-week classroom for homeschoolers to get outside and make new friends.

“I am grateful that this program was at our school because the students not only learned about gardening, but lifelong skills.” 

Garden Classrooms is our answer to helping families, schools, nonprofits, and businesses connect through gardening.

Gardening for All

Field Trips

“It provided a great hands-on experience for the students, brought a great connection to our school garden, and had many opportunities for students to have a real life experience with Nevada state science standards.” 

Field Trips are a perfect tool to provide students with real life experiences they can connect to their classroom learning.

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