Assembling a Veggie Mural

Changing the Way Communities Eat and Learn

Our Story

When our founder started Urban Roots in 2009, she saw the garden not only as a source for fresh, nutrient rich food, but a lens for infinite learning - a vision that rings true to this day. Each of our educational programs uses the garden as a powerful academic and nutrition education tool.


​In 2012, Urban Roots took the steps to transform an old karaoke bar-motel on into a bustling farm, complete with gardens, bees, chickens, and energetic young minds. Until 2017, this farm served as our primary location for continuing education trainings for K-12 teachers, day camp and field trips for students, and family-focused workshops. ​In those five years, we built our reputation, created partnerships, and became a trusted and valued resource within our community.


In 2016, we began partnering with Renown Health to transform their empty lot on 1700 E. Second Street into a flourishing Urban Teaching Farm and planted our first seed in August 2017. Since then, the Urban Teaching Farm is what we call home and where we provide our community with healthy, nutrient-dense food, and oodles of educational benefits.