Changing the Way Communities Eat and Learn

Our Story

When our founder started Urban Roots in 2009, she saw the garden not only as a source for fresh, nutrient rich food, but a lens for infinite learning - a vision that rings true to this day. Each of our educational programs uses the garden as a fun and engaging space for teaching K-12 students healthy eating habits and academic subjects.

In 2012, Urban Roots took the steps to transform an old karaoke bar-motel on Fourth Street into a bustling farm, complete with gardens, bees, chickens, and energetic young minds. This farm served as our primary location for Farm School, our homeschool program, and Farm Camp, our seasonal day camp. 

In 2016, we partnered with Renown Health to transform an empty lot on 1700 E. Second Street into a flourishing Urban Teaching Farm, which would provide the community with healthy, nutrient-dense food and educational benefits. Our Urban Teaching Farm is now what we call home, along with our Midtown office and partnership with Rancho San Rafael Park.

Our most popular programs are our weekly homeschool programs and our day camps, in which we empower students to become explorers of their own environment. Our students learn how to grow and prepare unconventional vegetables, such as bok choy, into delicious meals. Through this process, our educators are teaching students the stages of a seedling and the water cycle. 

Most recently, our programs have grown beyond our farm and into Washoe County Classrooms, where we help schools build school gardens and integrate them into the classroom. We not only provide complementary curriculum, but onsite educators to help teach lessons in the garden.

Growing healthy minds, bodies, & communities.

1700 E 2nd Street, Reno NV 89502     (775) 636-5105

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