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Gardening for All

Want to start a garden? 

The Urban Roots Gardening for All program helps your family, school, nonprofit, or business develop a sustainable garden so your family, students, or employees can reap all of the benefits of gardening without the stress of planning or building one. If your application is accepted, our team will get to work designing your garden!

What is part of our program?


Our team will design your garden, gather all of the materials, and work alongside you to build it. We will provide four seasonal gardening consultations to help you decide what to plant, when to plant it, and troubleshoot any issues you are having. Prices start at $300, but if you need financial assistance, we do have scholarships available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Garden Support

Garden Support

Teacher Workshops

We offer training for your teachers that will explore lessons and garden tasks that can be done in the garden with your students.

Community Workshops

We offer seasonal workshops for the community to learn more about gardening and to help you improve your gardening skills.



Garden Curriculum

Available for schools.


Field Trips to our Farm

Available for schools and nonprofits or businesses that work with children.

Gardening Kits

Available for schools, families, nonprofits, and businesses.

Additional Programming

Additional Programming

Our application is now closed.

It will open again in Fall 2022.