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Which Farm Chicken Are You?

At Urban Roots, our teaching farm in downtown Reno, the chickens are everyone’s favorite coworkers! Our flock lives the high desert life of extreme weather, daily compost treats, and fending off those who would steal their favorite snack, chicken scratch.  

In the summer, our 8 chickens are visited daily and often cuddled by campers, and in the winter, they roam about the farm hunting for sunny patches to bask in and yummy bugs to munch on. But these birds that flock together are all of different feathers, and each has their own unique personality that shines through.

Take the quiz below to find out which of our chickens YOU are! 

Read through each number and choose, then scroll down to discover your peckish, prickly, or posh personality.  

  1. Are you the social butterfly of your friend group? Do you have an independent streak that takes you to new places and brings you unique experiences? Do you enjoy standing out?  

  2. Are you the star of every room you walk into? Do you have a multi-step hair care routine? What about a special interest in high desert crust microorganisms and a talent for turning every event into a dance party? 

  3. Are you a fun-loving class clown? Do you stick with the group no matter what? And do you always get mistaken for a friend because of your marvelous matching mo-hawks? 

  4. Do you take what you want and suffer no fools? Are you the fearless leader of your group with a protective side? Are you a foodie who goes gaga over greens? 

  5. Do you like to observe everything first before jumping into the fray? Do you know exactly what you want and think others need to take a chill pill? Do you enjoy the luxuries life has to offer? 

  6. Have you ever been overlooked before, but know you have so much to offer? Do you surprise your friends with fun facts and hidden knowledge? Are you clever but prefer to keep it to yourself sometimes? 

  7. Are you a lover of discovering new things? Are you first out the gate in the mornings? Are you curious about how things work and often come up with inventive solutions to daily problems? 

  8. Have you ever been called Miss Congeniality? Can you make friends wherever you go? Are you generous and known for making memories that will last forever? 


  1. You are Twinkie, our friendliest hen! Fun fact: Twinkie has helped build a trampoline, attended a baseball game, road tripped to the beach, and thinks she is a human! 

2. You are Lilia! Named after a past staff member due to her star power and fabulous hair, Lilia the chicken’s mohawk can be spotted from across the farm, and she basks in the (much deserved) attention it brings. 

3. You are Jonathan! Her fabulous hairdo earned her the name Jonathan, and she doesn’t shy away from gender-bending. If you got Jonathan, you may be a norm-defying breakout star who is loyal to your friends and can always get down! 

4. You are Predator! The leader of our little flock, she grew bigger and faster than all her peers, earning her a powerful name to match her bold personality. She can sniff out the tastiest snack wherever she is on the farm and even sneaks into the hoophouses for a quick bite if she can get away with it (which she usually does). 

5. You are Judy! She’s the most elusive to catch but has the softest feathers of the flock. People might call her a wallflower, but she prefers the term introvert! You probably like to keep it cool and have a love for the soft and slow life, like Judy. 

6. You are Rudy! Soft and fluffy, Rudy makes fast friends with all – if you can get her to open up! Like Rudy, you may enjoy taking your time getting to know new people, but only because you appreciate quality over quantity. 

7. You are Benjamin Franklin! Named appropriately by Farmer Debs, Benjamin Franklin prefers to go by her whole name every time. She is unafraid of new things on the farm and is a true master of escape! If you got Benjamin Franklin, you’re in good, curious, company. 

8. You are Ginger! No one can forget her sweet personality and pale feathers that are her signature look. Always down for a cuddle or a snack, Ginger is friends with every chicken and person on the farm, down to the sparrows that come to share(steal) her food. 

Who of our fancy flock are you most like? We want to know! Find our chicken post on social media, tag us, and share! Whichever chicken you got, just know you’re always part of our fine, feathered farm family.  

And to meet your chicken doppelganger in person, sign up for our Chicken 101 workshop here at Urban Roots on April 20th! We’ll be talking all things chickens – how to raise them in your backyard from chick to hen, pest control, chicken health, and more! We (and our chickens) would love to meet you. 😍

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